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See what other people are saying about our Parkway Townhomes apartments! At Parkway Townhomes Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


The management is sort of new (just over one year taking over this property) , and I would say the previous operators left them with a few issues... the remodeled units are nice looking, but underneath the surface typically done very poorly... i know this because i lived in one for a year Location is very good, most neighbors are nice, one jacka@ss cut the pipes off his little red car and would make terrible noise at all hours of the day or night, love that about Vegas... Prices are artificially high for what you get. The first leasing agent we talked to actually lied to us about what our total bill would be... however the incoming office staff really tried to and did in many ways make up for that. Jamie is a saint, she is the reason my review is 4 stars. This place is fairly well kept but it is a little over priced in my opinion... The pitman wash being so close and another park and a school do make this an ideal place for kids... good restaurants around also... shout out to MotherShip and Skimos.. so if you have the cash and want to live this side of town you will enjoy it.




This place has been only but amazing!! The location is super ideal right on the edge of Las Vegas and Henderson and its right by 2 freeways. The amenities that are included in the property are always accessible and they like to put out some cool pool blow ups for the residents to use during the summer. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about what is going on in the community and if there may be upcoming inspections they notify you way in advanced. The landscaping is always kept up as well and looks gorgeous.


I recently moved here and the apartment and property is beautiful lots of room, great management.. pool area and gym all look great.... I recommend this place..



Moved here early February 2017. Here are my thoughts so far. THE GOOD: -Each place has its own attached garage which is primarily why I moved here. -The...


while nothing is perfect especially with new management I must say yvette the property manager has gone above and beyond on making me comfortable and accommodating me for any inconvenience I experienced in the transition of management ...since then all my needs and request have been met anything I asked for to make my home more comfortable she provided I must say I'm beyond happy with the service she provided even when I was upset and cursing she didn't take it personl but just worked on what I needed to make me happy and once she is given the opportunity will make sure you are taking care of ...thank you yevette for all you have done if you get the opportunity to meet her you will see she is a wonderful person all the girls in the office are very friendly and willing to help and now i love my new place .... property is quiet Well kept and a wonderful staff can see myself here for many more yrs to come


I lived there when it was a Camden property and it was great but it looks like since it got sold it went down hill a lot- from all the reviews. I was thinking of moving there again but if it's bad now I would just "freak out" on everyone- Not gonna pay good $$$ to live in a yucky place

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